Books - Kyla Dante Artist
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Book 1- Suggestion of issues. Reclamation of land- 2003

Earth from old colliery site, canvas, ink- Site specific piece relating to reclaimed colliery now a nature reserve- Size of closed cover- 70cm x 50cm

Book 2- 2005

Canvas book worked with earth, trials of materials, rubbings, experimental canvas sketch book- Size of closed cover- 65cm x 50cm

Journey- book 3

2011/2012- cover- Canvas book buried along journey around the western Lake District, submerged in coastal waters and lakes, pencil and charcoal notes. Ash, sand, earth materials and canvas- 29cmx27cm

Earth book 4

2012/2013- cover- Buried canvas unearthed and bound together, explorations with oil paint and notes, patterns in nature- 76cmx52cm

Book 5- Spirit of place- 2015

Part of a commission- Site specific piece- SOLD

Book 6- March of the chromosomes- 2016

Canvas book made from buried canvas, graphite rubbings, chromosome shapes painted with oak gall ink, blue and gold paint. Canvas book, scroll like page. Size of closed cover- 76cm x 45cm- Scroll rolls out to 300cm