Echoes of a Spiritual Nature- April 2016 at Left Bank Leeds - Kyla Dante Artist
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Echoes of a Spiritual Nature- April 2016 at Left Bank Leeds

Echoes of a Spiritual Nature- April 2016 at Left Bank Leeds

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I have curated projects in the community combining different creative disciplines to provide deeply immersive performance experiences that promote connectivity and belonging. The Echo Collective that formed and performed as part of my solo art exhibition ‘Echoes of a Spiritual Nature’ at Left Bank Leeds in April 2016 is an example of this. By incorporating live resonant sound with art, visual projections, spoken word and live music we aim to create accessible cross-sensory experiences. The aim of our collective is to focus, hold, renew, unite and inspire.


Echoes of a Spiritual Nature

An exhibition of artworks by Kyla Dante

Tuesday 19th April 2016-Thursday 21st April 2016

Collaborative performance evening Wednesday 20th April 2016- an evening of improvised sounds, a dialogue between sound practitioners, musicians and sound recordist. A nourishing sonic journey accompanied by visual projections and performance poetry. With a collaborative sculptural dress made to embody the sacred feminine principles, layers and energy manifest in the earth- Pennine woman by Kate Thorne and Kyla Dante.

People involved in the project are Kyla Dante- artist and sound practitioner, Kate Thorne- dressmaker and designer, Tanja Schmeer- sound practitioner, Alison Wonderland- musician, Mick Berry (Bez)- sound recordist, Siobhan Macmahon- performance poet, Sabrina Piggot- musician, Caroline Scott- visual projections.


The exhibition

Echoes of a Spiritual Nature- an exhibition by myself artist Kyla Dante at Left Bank Leeds incorporated visual artwork including large earth worked wall drapes, paintings, large canvas and earth handmade books, handmade bowls and small hand held sculptures. A collaborative piece, Pennine Woman, a work made by Kate Thorne and myself stood centre arms open to the light cascading through the windows of the magnificent Left Bank. The large books lay open on the old alter and in stone alcoves. Huge earth worked canvas manuscripts hung resonating with the stone and wood, the light danced around the church and the canvases breathe like ancient archives. A gold handmade bowl lay at the foot of each large earth piece as an offering back to the creative force behind each work. In each bowl lies small palm sized handmade copper, bronze and gold Venus figures that can be held, carried and taken away if desired.


The performance

‘Echoes of a Spiritual Nature’ is a performance by The Echo Collective and was created for the exhibition and Left bank. The performance was a cross sensory immersive visual and sonic experience with both live music and both live and pre-recorded sound layers, powerful visual projections and performance poetry. The exhibition and show embraced a sense of the spiritual though was not religious in its content. The scale and timelessness of Left Bank has a sublime quality enhanced by the history of the stone and wood. Its resurrected beauty and transformation back into a venue for the community has been a wonderful process to witness. Being a former church the space is a huge sound chamber that made it a perfect venue for the project. To incorporate sound in such a way in such a space enhanced the experience of the show creating multiple avenues for people to access and enter the experience.


Celebration in song

A celebration in song, a group singing experience led by artist and sound practitioner Kyla Dante. The closing night of the exhibition Left Bank Leeds was filled with song with a collection of accessible songs taught and sang from around the globe echoing themes of connectivity, belonging and community.

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