Practices in Music and Sound from Kyla Dante Artist
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Sound is a thread that has woven itself consistently through my life and work.

Sound to me is medicine, forever and immediate. Sound is a limitless toolbox to aid us through our life and holds within it timeless wisdom. Without this connection to sound I feel ungrounded and forever search for ‘real’ moments, lost in a sea of consumer madness and pressures to live in ways that go against my common sense. To sing or use sound in a group of people provides an instant route to the heart of community and encouragement and fosters growth and healing. I feel sound is an ancestral right; a wholesome right and we should claim it.

Through singing and sharing beautiful tribal or folk songs from around the world or performing my own songs I aim to encourage others to find their voice.

The resonant sound work and sound journey work are deeply nourishing and healing and the use of resonant instruments provides a rich sonic massage and an access point for people to feel the true benefit of sound.

My journey with sound started as a young chorister in a church choir. We sang in Latin mainly so the meanings of the songs were lost to me but the memory and impact of singing in a sea of voices harmonising has never left me. I believe this helped me develop a good ear for sound, I have never read music, everything I do with music whether teaching songs or making music is done by ear. I feel this method allows you to access the heart of the music, making the joys of sound accessible to all abilities. The human body is a musical instrument and given the chance to explore our voice, sound can tune us into what we need to feel alive and thrive.

In 2006 I attended a course, Resona set up by Stefan Cartwright and trained to become a sound practitioner.

I wish to make sound accessible to people. I use sound to help connect people through a common experience, whether within a gallery or exhibition space, outdoors or within places of contemplation and well being. I wish to help build communities of singers, helping and healing each other and passing on the joy and passion of coming together in song.

Weekly singing opportunities with Kyla Dante

Kyla holds two world music singing groups weekly;

Sing the World on Monday evenings 7.15-8.45pm at The Yorkshire College of Music and Drama, St Marks House, St Marks Avenue, Leeds, LS2 9NB. Cost 5.00/3.00 concessions. Room opposite the top of stairs. Just turn up, no auditions, friendly singing group learning beautiful traditional, tribal and folk tunes from around the world.

Om Vocal on Thursday afternoons 1-2.30pm at Om Yoga Works, Springfield Commercial Centre, Unit 15 (1st floor)D, Bagley Lane, Farsley, Leeds, LS28 5LY. Cost 5.00/4.00 concessions. Just come along, no auditions, friendly and accessible, moms with babes in arms welcome. Singing world music including traditional, tribal, folk tunes and chants.

Sound Journeys at Om Yoga Works– Booking is essential as places are limited. Date of next Sound Journey is Sunday 30th July 2017, 2-4pm. Cost 15.00. All blankets, mats and cushions provided. Bookings taken by emailing , or contact Kyla 07913058508.
Om Yoga Works, Springfield Commercial Centre, Unit 15 (1st floor)D, Bagley Lane, Farsley, Leeds, LS28 5LY.

Luna Calling– Kyla Dante and Alison Wonderland, an earthy duo play a variety of instruments including voice, flutes, guitar, balalaika and shruti box. Their music is mesmerising and nourishing, with earthy vocal tones and worldly rhythms, entwined in their original contemporary folkish tunes.
Look out for gigs and sound bites to be posted on website.

Sound Journeys at Om Yoga Works with Kyla Dante and Alison Wonderland.

Come and get comfortable, relax and receive the deeply nourishing resonance of singing bowls, flutes and gong. Let the rhythms of drum and unfolding vibrations from the didgeridoo transport you. Soft vocals flow with warmth and touch your soul and bathe you in a universe of sound.

Kyla has been a sound practitioner for over a decade and has experience in layering intuitive soundscapes and songwriting. Kyla plays a selection of instruments including native flutes, singing bowls, a selection of resonant instruments, shruti box and the voice.

Alison uses vibrational instruments including didgeridoo, drums and mouth harps and has experience in working in group sound therapy sessions. Alison also plays the Russian balalaika.

Together Kyla and Alison reverently weave journeys of sound with the intention of creating deeply nurturing sonic experiences to help reset and nourish mind, body and soul.

Om Yoga Works